Connectivity between Latvia (EU), Russia, and the Far East

Lying close to the Latvian border with Russia and countries further East, such as China and Kazakhstan, Rezekne Free Economic Zone is ideally situated for transit trade. There are both road and rail connections to Moscow and St.Petersburg with direct rail lines between Warsaw and St.Petersburg running right beside SABRE Invest’s land. In addition, these lines link into the rail network between Moscow and Riga, running through Rezekne City.

The rail lines in Latvia have the same gauge (1520mm) as throughout Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Kazakhstan and as far as China.

SABRE Invest’s lands are located just x km from the ring road around Rezekne which continues to Riga port, x km away.

In summary:

  • Proximity to road and rail networks between Riga, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazakhstan and Western China.
  • The same railway system (completely integrated) with uniform 1520mm gauge.
  • The same waybill from the shopper to the consignee.
  • The same communication language (Russian).
RSEZ Connectivity
RSEZ connectivity between Europe and Asia