Owners / Directors :   


Edward HC Bowen

File 05-04-2017, 12 41 37Edward Bowen began his career in the British Army as an infantry officer having been a Royal Military Academy student in the early 1990s. In 1992, Edward came to Latvia as an advisor to the Latvian Ministry of Defence. Thereafter Edward was development director of Kolonna Group and setup Celcius Limited – a logistics company specialising in food products. Celcius serviced sea and land operations on behalf of clients from the Americas with principal markets in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In 1997, Edward became Managing Director of Furness Terminals, a joint venture with Furness Group from Holland. Furness Terminals serviced ship cargo through Riga port for clients, including Tyson Foods, largest protein company in the world. Subsequently the company was sold to Maersk Group from Denmark in 2001. In 2004, Edward became co-founder of SABRE Invest. Edward has also founded the British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and established the first Latvian professional cycling team.


Michael J Bourke – B Comm, FCCA, CISI 

Michael Photo Cropped Smaller Black and WhiteMichael has over 40 years experience in banking with the Central Bank of Ireland, with the International Monetary Fund and the EU, assisting various Central Banks in the areas of Banking Regulation and Sovereign Debt Management. These assignments included the Central Bank of Egypt, Bank of Latvia, Bank of Lithuania and training assignments with Central Banks of the Former Soviet Union such as the Central Bank of Russia. Michael was CEO/ President  of Rietumu Bank, Latvia for 9 years – a Private Commercial bank, which is number three bank in Latvia. From 1998 – 2006, Michael was Honorary Consul General for Ireland in Latvia. He is a Chartered Accountant, holds a Commerce degree from University College Dublin and  a Fellow of the Securities Institute in London.

Group Managing Partner

Uldis Alitis

File 05-04-2017, 12 41 12Uldis began working with SABRE Invest in 2005. Initially, Uldis was part of an affiliated company managing 100 manufacturing employees, eventually transitioning to become a partner of the SABRE Invest holding company in 2007. Since his partnership, Uldis has become the Group Managing Partner of SABRE Invest and is responsible for managing all of SABRE Invest’s holdings as well as acting as CEO in SABRE’s Joint Venture companies based in Latvia. He is responsible for managing the financial affairs of SABRE Invest, dealing with banking, taxation matters and group funding.